Riverdale International School is located on a hill outside of Pune, and spread over fifty acres of picturesque countryside. It aims at creating an international community of staff and students reflecting the principle of unity in diversity. This modern campus is designed to offer a balanced education of international standards in academic learning and co-curricular activities.


The Board of Governors is headed by Farhang Azar, the Founder whose vision to provide an all round balanced education in an environment of familial warmth and affection is the source and stimulus for the school’s establishment. “A school must also inspire the spirit to compete and the capacity to excel. Riverdale International is an institute of my dreams, which will enable you to fulfill yours”.


The Chairman of the Board is Akhilesh Bhargava, a chartered accountant and Economist who is also an international consultant in his field. He brings his professional perspectives and devotion to education to his role as chairman of the Board.

      Mr. Azar

The Principal and Director of Education is Dr. Vasudevan Nair, former Principal Of reputed schools with considerable international experience. Dr. Nair was trained as a teacher in England, and served in Malaysia, India and Seychelles as teacher, Principal and Director of Education. He has a Masters and Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts (1978). His extensive involvement in both formal and non-formal education will be of immense benefit in laying the educational foundations of Riverdale.

  Mr. Bhargava  

Professor N.W. Shivdasani, Principal of Jai Hind College, Mumbai is a Trustee on the Board with professional expertise of decades in educational planning and administration.

          Mr. Shivdasani

Dr. Vasudevan Nair
( Master of Education - University of Massachusetts - USA )
( Doctor of Education - University of Massachusetts - USA )

The development of learning competence and sound character are two principal goals of a Riverdale education. Our curriculum will therefore focus on those attitudes, knowledge and skills that will foster these qualities through modern teaching-learning practices. The qualities of world citizenship, tolerance and a distinctive lack of social or religious prejudice are important elements of this approach.

We live in an age of momentous change. The future citizen must be a competent learner in order to keep pace with an ever-advancing civilization. Education must also provide him with an inner moral compass to distinguish between right and wrong so that he walks the spiritual path with practical feet.

  • Riverdale aims at creating a world community reflecting the principle " Unity in Diversity". The experience and study at this institution must produce a world citizen whose motto in life should be "Excellence in all things".
  • Learning is the key to growth . we will attempt to make students independent learners.
  •  Understanding is the goal of our instructional process, not a mere knowledge of facts. Students must develop the ability to use knowledge effectively in new situations and diverse contexts.
  • The school will provide guidance and arrange its social and academic environment for the development of human virtues.
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