The following facilities are provided for enhancing learning effectiveness.

  • A well equipped library.
  • A computer lab.
  • An arts/crafts studio.
  • A cyber caf√©.
  • Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs.
  • Music Room & Equipments.
  • Stage & Hall for performing arts.

Participation in sports activities is compulsory. Students may choose one or two to specialize in during their senior years. Every student will attend General Knowledge classes and also learn the are of public speaking. Each student is expected to play at least one musical instrument.

The School's modern swimming pool provides all facilities for one of the required activities for every student - to excel in swimming . Each child will be taught swimming by professional coaches.

All students will participate in acquiring tennis skills while those with specific talents in will be coached for competitions. The school's tennis academy will be staffed by visiting Coaches under the direction of the Head coach.


Horse riding is an activity that will significantly expand in the future in step with the natural growth of the school.

Western and Indian Classical music will be a feature of the regular curriculum for all students. The school choir and band provide public performance opportunities for students. Students of piano and voice will sit for the Associated Board of the Royal College of Music exams.

Dance - Indian and Western
Kathak and Bharatha Natyam dance teachers will train students of Indian dance. Lessons in modern western dance will be available for others. Annual public performances by students will be staged by the school in the campus or in the city.


School Magazine
Brought out entirely by student efforts, the annual Year Book will reflect the activities and achievements of the student body. Faculty will provide editorial assistance to an essentially student-directed publication.

Theatre and Drama
The school play will be performed once a year and is a major effort by staff and students. Inter House One Act Plays involve a larger section of staff and students and this competition encourages students to acquire skills associated with acting and stage production.

Public Speaking
Again, this is an activity in which every student participates. In addition to public speaking, Inter House and Inter School Debates as well as "Brains Trust" panel discussions constitute an important part of the regular curriculum. The ability to present one's point of view clearly and with confidence at public forums and to recognize and accept valid contributions from one's rivals is a distinct sign of maturity. Riverdale places great importance on the acquisition of public speaking and consultation skills.


School Field
The school field is designed for football, hockey, cricket & athletics. Inter-house games and competitions will be held throughout the year in addition to coaching camps in specific games skills. The field is operational throughout the year.

Yoga is taught as a physical educational activity. It is also related to the counseling and self-development programmes.

Camping & Trekking
Excursions are undertaken periodically for camping, trekking and climbing. Hikes & camping trips are organized to promote adventure and ecological awareness.

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