• At Riverdale pastoral care of students is given priority. In order to closely monitor the welfare of students, a counselor or mentor is assigned to each group of nine students. The mentor may be contacted directly by parents on matters pertaining to the welfare of their children as he/she is responsible for reporting directly to the School Administration and parents.
  • Apart from the mentor, each member of the staff also acts as an academic counselor or guide. A specialist who conducts regular counseling sessions for students is also available for individual care and consultation.
  • A Dorm Parent supervises twenty-four students and is available to students for any assistance or guidance. Each dormitory building houses 48 students in six separate dorm rooms.
  • Each floor of the dormitory building includes a lounge and a recreation room. Western toilets and bathrooms with 24-hour hot and cold water is provided for.
  • A modern and spacious kitchen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Wholesome and nutritious food of Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine are served in the Dining Hall.
  • The School Doctor assisted by a full-time nurse supervises health care. Regular check up includes visits to the dentist in the city.
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