The school subscribes to the ICSE curriculum up to Standard Ten. Students may opt for either the ISC (Stds XI and XII of ICSE) or an international diploma such as the IB for their XIth and XIIth.

The Riverdale International Residential School follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum. Special attention will be paid to acquiring English language competence and remedial programme in Math's that addresses the need for a strong foundation in basic skills & concepts.

  • In the first academic year -2003, student enrollment will be from 4th to 8th Standards. 
  • In the second academic year - 2004, student enrollment will be from 4th to 9th Standards. 
  • In the third academic year - 2005, student enrollment will be from 4th to 10th Standards.

In addition to the regular academic studies the school has a well-organized system for outdoor activities like camping, environmental projects and special training camps for different sports. Service projects in rural communities are also a part of their education. Special attention is paid to music, arts and crafts, drama and public speaking. Each child is also required to learn to play at least one musical instrument.

At Riverdale academic emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation in English, Mathematics and Science before they reach their senior years (Standard IX to XII). This involves the setting up of small tutorial groups as well as individualized instruction by staff members. Each child is viewed as a unique individual with his or her own individual learning style. Allowance is made for individual differences in the tutorials that act as a shadow system to formal classroom instruction.

  School Calendar for the year 2003 – 2004  
Saturday 14th June Student Arrive
Monday 16th June School Year commences
Term I
Term I commences 16th June 2003
End of Term 18th October 2003
Mid Term Break 19th October – 2nd Nov 2003
Term II
Term II commences 3rd November 2003
Christmas Holidays 24th December 2003
School Re-opens 5th January 2004
Final Examinations March 2004
End of Term April 2004
Summer vacation April – May 2004
06.00 am Wake up bell 02.40 – 03.20 Period VII
06.15 am Morning Tea 03.20 – 04.00 Tea Break
06.30 am Games and Phy. Edu. 04.00 – 05.30 Games
07.45 am/8.30 am Wash & Change 07.00 – 07.40 Dinner
08.40 am Breakfast 07.40 – 09.00 Prep
09.25 am Attendance registration 09.00 – 09.15 Milk/Biscuit
09.30 – 10.10 Period I 09.30 Light OFF
10.10 – 10.50 Period II    
10.50 – 11.20 Period III    
11.20 – 11.40 Break for Tea & Snacks    
11.40 – 12.20 Period IV    
12.20 – 01.00 Period V    
01.00 – 01.55 Lunch Break    
02.00 – 02.40 Period VI    

All fees and dues shall be paid to the school not later than 30 days before the start of each new term. The school reserves the right to change the fee structure from time to time. If the fees are not paid within the deadlines given in the Fee Circular, the School may have to ask the parent to withdraw the child.

Fee Description Domiciled Students (in Rs.) Overseas Students*(in US $)
Registration Fee
(One time)
5,000 300
Admission Fee
(One time)
20,000 650
Refundable CautionDeposit
(one time)
75,000 3,000
Annual Fee 1,35,000 4,200
Imprest Account 20,000 1,000

The Imprest Account takes care of expenses such as pocket money, books and stationery, excursions, uniforms etc. Every-day ailment will be taken care of by the School. Hospitalization outside the School and other major illness will be at actual.
Place of work of the father, (or in the absence of a father, guardian) will determine the categorization of “Overseas Students”

All fee be paid annually or per term by Demand Draft drawn in favour of FARRY EDUCATION AND WELFARE FOUNDATION

  • If a child is withdrawn after the commencement of the term, no refund of fees will be given.
  • Notice of withdrawal must be given within 30 days of the last term completed by the child. A shorter notice period will attract a fee of RS. 5,000 (US $ 150). 
  • If a child is withdrawn temporarily for a term, with due advance notice and for reasons acceptable to the Head Master, there will be a seat-retaining fee of RS. 50,000 (US $ 1500). Seat retention is not possible for more than one term. 
  • If a child is withdrawn for reasons acceptable to the Head Master, a rebate of only 20% of the fees will be given if the withdrawal is for half a term or longer.
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