Our Happy Clients say

Very good quality of food and service. Vast menu with child friendly items as well as local seafood and even entrees for those who dont like seafood. Also a great bar selection and friendly bar tenders. Plus you can get some fresh local seafood on your way back home. Great place! Thanks. We absolutely love everything there!

Jason M.

This is a delightful restaurant serving both locally caught and imported sea-foods. The service was fast and the food deliciously prepared as you request it. Plenty to watch on the sound and on the walkways, relaxing way to eat dinner. They also sell a very large variety of fresh sea foods. We highly recommend this restaurant.

Great food! Fresh, quick, friendly, delicious, affordable! Very flexible with orders. Great service! Asked for things from the runners, and they didn’t miss a beat… prompt, courteous, and polite. Great portions! If you want great seafood though, this place will not disappoint you. I’m glad we visited here. Definitely recommend.

Our Mission

Best Price

High quality at reasonable prices

Our mission is to ensure quality, and obtaining value is our aim. Our definition of quality is ensuring that clients consistently and without variation meet their needs. To increase production and efficiency, we are conducting research and developing new technologies.

Serve Customer

Superior the customer service

We are totally committed to providing excellent customer service, and the client is our employer. To guarantee that our products are supplied on time and at consistently higher standards of quality and value, we work closely with our clients.

Do For Environment

Responsibility for our environment

Our plants feature waste management systems that are safe and environmentally friendly, and they meet international standards.

We Supply World’s Best Seafood to Your Shop

Our remarkable mercury graph should make it clear that our crabs, scampi, prawn, shrimps, wild fish, and shellfish are devoid of harmful levels of pollutants. Keep an eye on our sustainability page.


We are committed to providing quality sustainable seafood. Seafood is a renewable resource and it can be harvested sustainably if managed properly.

Awareness of the sustainability of the resource plus freshness & presentation of quality seafood, have been synonymous with the Riverdale name since their early involvement in the fishing industry